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Price: 500.00 EUR

The ACUSON S2000 ultrasonic system is a premium multidisciplinary system that covers the entire research cycle from screening and diagnosis to therapy and provides all the necessary information for diagnosis even in "complex" patients.

Using state-of-the-art electronics, advanced imaging algorithms and high-density sensors, you can get a previously unattainable level of visualization. In cases where it is necessary to find the slightest changes in tissues and organs or visualize the deep abdominal structures of the patient with a "bad" ultrasound window, the quality of the image becomes paramount. Super-high detail allows you to see the slightest tissue structures, excellent sensitivity of colored doppler allows you to visualize the slightest nuances of blood flow, high-tech sensors provide much more diagnostic information than previous models.


A program package for tissue elasticity, optimized for abdominal research, kidney, breast and thyroid research. Allows you to get both quantitative and qualitative assessment of tissue elasticity. Includes:

eSie Touch Elasticity Imaging - mechanical compression-based technology, Virtual Touch Technology - technology based on the use of the amplified acoustic pulse method (ARFI).

Excellent visualization package in obstetrics that includes: 3D/4D imaging, amnioscopic rendering, skeleton imaging function (Skeletal Rendering) that provides excellent visualization of fetal bones and spine, as well as an option automatic calculations of fetal parameters at all stages of pregnancy.

The 18L6 HD ultra-high-frequency sensor contains twice as many elements with a smaller gap in between, reducing the thickness of the cut, increasing homogeneity and contrast.

Clinical benefits

Excellent visualization quality.

The system is equipped with a package of applications for the study of tissue elasticity, opens a new dimension in ultrasound diagnostics.

Innovative technologies first proposed in the field of ultrasound diagnostics provide more information for each study: ABVS, fetal skeletal structure imaging, stereoscopic 3D imaging.

The ability to import and simultaneously view multimodal images of CT, MRI and mammography in real time together with ultrasound.

The ACUSON S upgrade program, which provides for the possibility of upgrading the ACUSON S2000 system to the ACUSON S3000 system

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