One of the important areas of our company’s work is the provision of a full range of services related to the repair of medical equipment.

MediLab has a specialized service center whose employees have been trained at factories that manufacture the equipment we supply.

Our company provides the following repair services

  1. Installation of medical equipment, repair and technical support
  2. Supply and replacement of spare parts
  3. Repair of medical equipment


Repair of medical equipment

A set of measures and operations to restore the health and working capacity of medical equipment products.

Routine repair of medical equipment

Unscheduled repairs performed without partial or full restoration of the resource of a medical device product by replacing and (or) restoring individual parts or replaceable component parts with post-repair control of the technical condition of the product to the extent specified in the operational documentation.

The limiting state of medical equipment

The technical condition of a medical device, in which the value of at least one parameter (characteristic) of the product does not meet the requirements of regulatory or operational documentation, and repair is technically impossible or economically inexpedient.


If you have any difficulties with the medical equipment that you purchased from other companies, then you can contact us. 

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