• One of the important activities of our company is the provision of a full range of services related to the maintenance of medical equipment

    Our company provides the following after-sales services:

    1. Maintenance work
    2. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of medical equipment
    3. Technical audit of medical equipment.
    4. Consultations on medical equipment.
    5. End-user training in basic equipment skills.

    Our goals in providing services: 

    1. Reliable security and protection
    2. Get the most out of your budget
    3. Partnership



    Maintenance of medical equipment

    A set of measures and operations regulated by normative and operational documentation to maintain and restore the health and serviceability of medical equipment when used as intended, as well as during storage and transportation.

    Frequency of maintenance of medical equipment

    The time interval specified in the operational documentation or operating hours between this type of maintenance and the subsequent same type.

    Technical condition of medical equipment

    The technical condition of a medical device product at a certain point in time, which is characterized by actual values of technical, functional and design parameters and characteristics and is evaluated by their compliance with the parameters and characteristics given in the normative and operational documentation for the product.

    Monitoring the technical condition of medical equipment

    Checking the conformity of the parameter values and characteristics of the medical device product to the requirements of regulatory and operational documentation, identifying worn and damaged parts (parts), checking the operation of all protective devices and interlocks, and the availability and maintenance of operational documentation.


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